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Janes Gym 2020 Olympics

It’s that time of year again… the New Year New You Challenge.  This year we are celebrating the Olympics with our own Jane’s Olympic Challenge!!

First of all, Teams of 3 or 4 will pick their “theme” country!   Then, let the fun begin!  As usual we have incorporated a little competition, (with some great prizes!), to make things interesting. (NOTE – Once a country has been picked, it is no longer available for other teams; Also, “Team USA” is the official staff team and can’t be chosen).

The Competitions Include:

Most Weight Lost  (To level the playing field, we measure the total percentage of body weight lost for the whole team)

Our sincere thanks to Guaranty Bank & Trust, for their donation of the 2020 Grand Prize to the Alluvian Spa!

The “Gold Medalists” this year will win an all-expense paid trip to the Alluvian Spa!  A “day just for her” with a package that includes a Viking cooking class for four, and then the most luxurious Alluvian custom massage, and a botanical and aromatherapy facial customized to your skin’s needs!!

Best Team Spirit

Best Team Spirit is measured with a variety of elements including gym check-ins on facebook, “special” efforts to show their passion and encourage members, as well as personal effort in their classes and workouts.

Best Social Media

Best Social Media will take note of the team’s check-ins, posts, and ability to “raise awareness” on line.

Best Team Name/Shirt Design

We have experienced some of the most memorable names and shirt designs in the last three years… so the bar is set high!

And a new entry this year…. Best Country Theme Performance  

Remember, every team will “represent” a country”.  This is their chance to carry that theme into their posts and gym life.  We’re excited to see just how creative the different teams can be!

Yes, there are prizes for our Medalists.  But by far the best award is to the City of Olive Branch. A donation will be made to the Olive Branch Heroes Fund, that will get bigger as our members get smaller.  Every pound lost is counted and we look forward to our ladies hard work giving back to our first responders in Olive Branch!!


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