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Jane’s Gym Now Offering Les Mills

Its official. Jane’s Gym now has Les Mills programming! Super exciting, right? Wait. What? You don’t know what Les Mills programs are? Oh, you’re in for a treat!

Les Mills International is a fitness company based out of New Zealand but has quickly become the number one fitness program in the world. Yes, the WORLD! Les Mills International says “We’re on a mission to create a fitter planet. This doesn’t mean making people work out. It means helping people fall in love with fitness so that they want to work out.” Don’t you just love that? If we can help you WANT to come to the gym, wouldn’t that win most of the battle for you in your fitness journey?

We think yes. And so does Les Mills International! Les Mills is the brand behind our new classes at Jane’s Gym, specifically GRIT Plyo, GRIT Strength, BodyCombat and soon to be Body Pump and GRIT Cardio. Our instructors who will be teaching these classes have gone through an intense training process that not only pushed them physically (so that we can push YOU physically!) but pushed them mentally. Sometimes the mental part of fitness is a tougher battle than the physical side, can I get an ‘amen’? But if we can do as LMI encourages—“by creating life-changing fitness experiences every time, everywhere” then we will have accomplished our goal.

As a fitness instructor for 18 years (I was a freshman in college when I got both my personal trainer certification and my primary group fitness certification) I was skeptical when the gym I was teaching at brought in Les Mills programming. Choreography what? I don’t get to pick my own music anymore either? No thanks. But I went into the training weekend with an open mind and everything changed! Body Pump was my first Les Mills certification and it changed so much about the way I teach, the way I look & feel and the importance of connecting with my participants. I learned form, technique, correcting, layering in the words and phrases I say, motivation, how to read choreography notes, all of those cool things. But what I took away from that first training weekend was that Les Mills made me better. A better instructor yes, but a better individual that had new goals in my classes and for the people who trusted me for that hour more importantly! I went on a few months later to get my Body Combat certification, followed by Body Jam (a fitness dance program) while I was pregnant with baby #2. After that baby was born, I went through Body Flow training with a 2 month old at home and discovered what my body and spirit were capable of as I was learning what it takes to get back to pre-pregnancy shape again. Before I got pregnant with baby #3, I got Zumba certified among a couple of other certs for continuing education credits and found another new fitness love, though they weren’t Les Mills. Finally my 5th Les Mills certification is in CxWorx, a 30 minute comprehensive core workout. Now 4 kids in, Les Mills is still my favorite, albeit the most challenging trainings. What a humbling process! Being teachable and soaking up each of these trainings caused my brain to do a 180 with the way I approached my classes and my workouts.

I say none of this to brag on my credentials, but to simply make the case that Les Mills truly changed things for me in the fitness industry and to expand on my experience in multiple trainings and styles. Out of my 16 fitness certifications I hold to date, my Les Mills programs are hands-down my favorite! They’re up-to-date yet always changing, just like the fitness industry itself! Just when you think you’ve “arrived” in Body Combat, they throw in a superman punch and a million running man knees to keep you guessing. Just when I think I’m lifting my max on Body Pump squats, they change it up and throw some jump squats in the lunge track. And our phenomenal GRIT team at Jane’s Gym will experience the same awesome upgrade when they receive their next releases as well! We don’t want to get bored, and neither do you. Because if you’re not growing and getting results, what’s the point, right?

So if you haven’t given one of our GRIT classes a try or if you’ve been curious about Body Combat, I encourage you to take a deep breath, walk in that door and introduce yourself to your instructor and tell her you’re new. We love meeting our Jane’s family! And we love delivering a world class, life-changing fitness experience every time, everywhere.

Besides, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you, right? And trust me…Les Mills Programs will do both of those things. See you at the gym!

Sarah Barker – Group Fitness Director

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