Jane’s Gym is dedicated to helping women reach their fitness goals at any level.

Our Fall weight loss class is recruiting candidates!

In this day and age, one of our biggest challenges is how to manage our weight.  But, as a subset of this, ladies have even more unique challenges.  Stress and responsibilities, combined with a cultural emphasis on body image, put a sometimes unreasonable amount of pressure on us to be “practically perfect in every way” 🙂

This program addresses the science behind the foods we eat, and how they affect us.  But it also addresses some of the psychology behind our nutritional habits, and perhaps gives us help on how to improve them. Topics include: psychology of weight loss, how metabolism affects our weight loss, what role exercise plays, the practical side of shopping, and more.

The program includes 6 classes

(one a week for 6 weeks) to gain a better understanding of weight loss through nutrition and exercise.  We also meet with the program participants one to one, to discuss your specific questions and challenges.  You have the opportunity with go shopping with a (university) trained Nutritionist on staff, and to get additional fitness training from our Certified Trainers.

The length of this program is a lifetime!  However, we’ll work closely with you for the first two months, with an opportunity for more over a 12-month period.

The classes are small, and so unfortunately, you may not be able to get into one right away.  The upcoming class is currently reserved for new members only. Talk with the front desk about scheduling an interview to see if you are eligible to participate.

(UPDATE:  We still have a few more openings for the August group)

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