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Everything You Need To Know About Our Yoga Studio and Classes

Nonheated Level 1 is designed specifically for the new yogi.  An easy to understand introduction to fundamental yoga poses with modifications and options for all levels.  A warm up helps get the body moving in all directions.  Modified or full sun salutations followed by dynamic strengthening and stretching poses make up the work phase of the class.  Our yoga classes always end with 5-10 minutes of restorative final relaxation.

Nonheated Vinyasa/Flow Yoga incorporates breath with movement for a mentally and physically beneficial and energizing class.  Warm up, sun salutations and dynamic poses flow together to build internal heat as you strengthen and stretch. Each class is unique and set to different types of music. Modifications may be given for beginners.  Some advanced poses may be offered as well.  All levels welcome.

Heated Level 2 Flow is a slightly faster paced class offering new layers to challenge an existing yoga practice.  Learn arm balances, inversions and breath work to grow at your own pace in a safe environment.  The room is heated with our new radiant heat panels to between 95-99 degrees.  Some yoga experience is recommended.  Be ready to sweat!

*Please note that hot yoga is not recommended for pregnant women or women with some conditions such as high blood pressure.  Check with your doctor!


What if I’ve never done yoga?

Come try it!  Our instructors are taught to give modifications/options for beginners and to fully explain and describe the poses during class.

What is Hot Yoga like? 

The new radiant heat panels offer a different sensation than having a heater blowing in your direction.  It’s the difference in sitting in front of a car’s heater that’s blowing hot dry air in your direction vs. the warm feeling on your skin when stepping outside on a sunny day.  It’s a quiet and energizing sun-like warmth.

What are the benefits of Hot Yoga?

Increased flexibility, detoxification, reduced likelihood of injury, improved circulation, and weight loss.

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa roughly means “to place in a special way” in Sanskrit.  This refers to the way we sequence the poses to flow seamlessly.  No two classes are the same, so make sure to try different classes and different instructors!

What should I bring to a yoga class?

Water and a yoga mat (we have mats for sale at the front desk).

Other options include a strap for stretching, blocks to assist with poses, and a hand towel.

What should I bring to Hot Yoga?

Water, a yoga mat and a hot yoga towel (a beach towel will do in a pinch) to layer over your mat.  This keeps you from slipping once you begin to sweat.

Other options include a strap for stretching, blocks to assist with poses, and a hand towel.

What should I wear?

Yoga pants or leggings and a tank top or athletic top.  Loose fitting pants and t-shirts may get in your way.  Socks and shoes are not required.

Class Tips

  • Arrive a few minutes early to get your place and to get your things arranged
  • Silence your cell phone – it’s only an hour and it’s ok to step away from the world for a while!
  • No gum. You can’t focus on breath while chewing on gum!
  • Do not worry about doing the same thing the person next to you does. It’s your class and your body so take any option that works for you.


Yoga Classes

Yoga (we offer hot, classic, and hatha) classes are guaranteed to strengthen the muscles, increase flexibility, and refocus the mind! You may even break a sweat! If a yoga class looks interesting to you, come on in and try it out. We’ll give you the tools you need, and you’ll get there in no time- we promise!

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