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Why We’re an Advocare Gym

For years the gyms owned and operated by RussCorp made a conscious decision not to carry or promote a specific brand of supplements. The reason for the decision was solid. We understood that good nutrition and exercise were the fundamental keys to fitness. That fact remains true.But the reality is that we can also use some special assistance.

The problem with supplements is that they must be safe, extremely well researched, and they should have a specific purpose (calorie burn, probiotic replacement, workout recovery, etc.). If these products are available to us, and if they are manufactured to be consistent and safe, then they represent an additional valuable tool in the trainers sometimes limited inventory.

This is why we decided to choose Advocare as our fitness and supplement line. The products are manufactured in facilities dedicated to the product to prevent cross contamination, and ensure the nutritional content is what is promised. Additionally they have more than 20 years of research with leading international PhD’s and Nutritionists designed to safely and effectively provide product that will assist us in reaching our best level of health and fitness.

We don’t use supplements as a substitute for excellent nutrition and well designed workout programs. Nor do we promise fantastic results from taking a pill or a drink. But we do appreciate the additional safe, effective tools we have with the complete line of Advocare Products available to us. If you want more information about how the correctly chosen supplement may help you reach your fitness goals, just ask any of our staff or trainers.

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